Meet Adam Locker, Au.D.

The visionary co-founder and vice-president of Audiology A.I., a cutting-edge marketing agency at the forefront of innovation.

Adam Locker, Au.D.

Adam's entrepreneurial journey in audiology began in 2007 when he acquired a failing audiology practice for a mere $14,000. Through sheer determination, he transformed the business into a thriving enterprise comprising four offices and a team of 14 highly skilled professionals. Five years later, Adam sold the practice for $3,000,000, showcasing his ability to propel businesses to new heights.

Recognized as an expert in the industry, Adam Locker is a sought-after speaker at prestigious national and international conferences, where he shares his insights and knowledge. Additionally, he has collaborated with numerous business development groups within the Hearing Industry, further solidifying his reputation as a leading figure in audiology.

As co-founder of Audiology A.I., Adam Locker merges his passion for audiology and business/marketing to create an agency like no other. Audiology A.I. is revolutionizing the marketing landscape by leveraging advanced technologies and automation to help businesses achieve unprecedented growth and success. With Adam's forward-thinking strategies and hands-on approach, clients can rest assured that their marketing efforts are in capable and innovative hands.

Adam Locker dedicates a significant portion of his time to assisting business owners across the United States and other countries with personalized growth and development strategies. His invaluable expertise and dynamic leadership make him an indispensable asset for any organization seeking to elevate its market presence and maximize its potential.